MGR Runners is a casual running group for gay men. It is more than a group of guys who runs, we're a community of friends! MGR Runners meet up on weekends for a group run followed by breakfast, where we bond & share on happenings over the past one week. Runs are held primarily at the Singapore Sports Hub with off-location runs at Macritchie, Southern Ridges, and elsewhere in Singapore. Run routes are typically 5km in length to provide a good workout for guys of all ages and running abilities.

Run with MGR

MGR Runners welcomes all gay men in Singapore who enjoys running to join in our weekly runs. Just provide us with your name, mobile & e-mail, and we'll invite you to our next run.

How fast or how slowly you run is not at all important. Most of the runners in our group tend to do 5km in about 30 minutes. Scientific research also suggests this workout duration releases feel-good hormones and signals for the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates.

Runners of every nationality, race, religion and more are welcome. With many runners from diverse backgrounds, English is the primary language for communication. We also try to have breakfast at places that offer halal and vegetarian options as far as possible. Run with MGR this weekend! :-)